Edge-based high accuracy OCR products utilising the latest embedded processors.

The highly advanced Vaxtor ALPR engine originally developed for PC platforms is now available embedded in both Axis and Mobotix cameras providing real-time recognition of license plates, ADR (dangerous goods), ISO Container codes, UIC Rail Code, US Dot, MMC (Make, Model & Colour) and essential meta-data.

Advanced edge software and reliable leading hardware ensure world leading solutions decreasing network bandwidth and hardware costs while increasing reliability and resilience.

By combining intelligent technology and human imagination, Axis offers solutions based on sight, sound and analytics to improve security and optimize business performance.

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Ernitec, a renowned Danish manufacturer, carries a legacy of 50 illustrious years in the video surveillance industry. Melding sophistication with high-end technology, Ernitec is the beacon of professional and reliable surveillance solutions.

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Genetec’s Security Center offers a unified platform that effortlessly combines ALPR, video surveillance, and access control, bridging the gap between individual security solutions and comprehensive enterprise platforms.

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i-PRO is a leading security camera manufacturer combining more than 60 years of industry know-how in delivering the highest product standards with innovative open technology like AI.

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MOBOTIX stand apart with their uncompromisingly reliable, intelligent solutions that can be expanded virtually without limits and which ensure long-term investment security.

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VideoXpert Professional provides a video management system platform that seamlessly bridges the gap between mid-market and enterprise platforms.

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Become a Vaxtor Technology Partner

Vaxtor has a proven track record of providing high performance OCR and LPR technology on any platform – from Intel to embedded cameras to Android – utilising our core C++ OCR library.  Why not let Vaxtor bring new markets to your devices?


If you are interested in a potential technology partnership, let’s explore the possibilities together.

Please contact us at technology.partners@vaxtor.com