VIVOTEK – Advanced LPR Solutions in Surveillance Technology

Vaxtor Technologies proudly introduces VIVOTEK’s VaxALPR License Plate Recognition series, a new benchmark in IP surveillance.

Our partnership with VIVOTEK, a global leader in IP surveillance solutions, brings our state-of-the-art VaxALPR software to the forefront of license plate recognition technology. These high-performance camera models from VIVOTEK represent a significant advancement in the field.

  • Featured Model: VIVOTEK’s LPR Series with VaxALPR Technology

    VIVOTEK's latest LPR series, now equipped with VaxALPR License Plate Recognition technology, offers versatile, standalone camera systems. They excel in reading plates from multiple countries or states and feature built-in recognition software for effective white-list and black-list applications.

  • IB9387-LPR-v2: Setting the Standard in License Plate Recognition

    The IB9387-LPR-v2 model stands out as a flagship product in our collaboration. Integrating Vaxtor's advanced VaxALPR technology, it provides robust license plate recognition and sophisticated list management. Ideal for advanced access control and toll systems, this model showcases the perfect synergy between Vaxtor's innovative software and VIVOTEK's hardware expertise.

  • Explore Our Range of VIVOTEK Cameras

    While the IB9387-LPR-v2 is our highlighted model, VIVOTEK’s extensive range of camera form factors offers more possibilities. We encourage customers interested in other models potentially integrating VaxALPR technology to contact our sales representatives for detailed information.

VIVOTEK VaxALPR License Plate Recognition

Our partnership with VIVOTEK marks a significant leap in surveillance technology. Together, we offer solutions that are not only technologically advanced but also versatile and user-friendly.

For inquiries about our full range of compatible VIVOTEK camera models and related solutions, please reach out to our sales team.