Vaxtor Law Enforcement Solutions
Vaxtor Law Enforcement ALPR Solutions

Law Enforcement

Law enforcement and border agencies are required to track, monitor and record vehicles gathering evidence, finding vehicles of interest for prevention or proving historic crimes and associations. Automating these processes using Vaxtor’s License Plate and MMC (Make, Model & Colour) Recognition provides officers rapid search capabilities and ensures they can spend their time effectively. 

Vaxtor’s ALPR systems can be used to read vehicle number plates, check them against various databases including the National Computer Databases such as the PNC and Driver Vehicle Licensing Agencies for example and flag any alarms in real time.  All number plates are read and recorded along with metadata including timestamps and GPS coordinates that can be used to display where and when vehicles were read for simple visual analysis of data.

Low power fixed cameras can be pole or gantry mounted and run the ALPR applications on board the camera, monitoring dual lanes of traffic or wide entrances. For mobile patrol use cameras can be vehicle mounted connected to rugged in-vehicle PCs for mobile patrol use or in rapid deployment systems.

The Vaxtor On Mobile Android platform runs the complete multi-country font independent ALPR engine at the speed and accuracy of a high-end i7 processor on an industry standard phone. This enables Law Enforcement officers to do instantaneous spot checks on suspicious vehicles – even whilst moving at speed.   Ultra-low power requirements and inbuilt GPS and various communications options such as 5G, Wi-Fi etc. make this platform ideal for remote or covert use. 

Features & benefits

  • Police Town Centre Fixed Systems

  • Police Highway Bridge Fixed Systems

  • Customs and Border Control

  • Ports and Airports Surveillance and Control

  • Military Surveillance Use

  • Rapid Deployment Systems

  • Covert and Remote Systems

  • Police Mobile Systems (In-Car)

Complete end-to-end solutions for major ALPR applications including:

Law Enforcement License Plate Recognition

Enabling police and other law enforcement and border agencies to track, monitor and record vehicles as they pass by fixed, mobile or covert cameras.

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Ensuring efficient management and control of car parks including staff and visitor entry, barrier control, capacity monitoring, length of stay and alerts on vehicles of interest.

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Traffic & Tolling

Providing vital tools to assist countries and cities to dynamically monitor, control and optimise traffic flow, maximising the efficient use of road networks.

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Security – ALPR Cameras

Enabling Security personnel to monitor and control all vehicles within and around a site, managing blacklists and alerting staff to any vehicles of interest.

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Access Control

Using ALPR provides reliable, time-stamped evidence to security, police and insurers while maintaining seamless access control opening barriers or controlling LED Signs.

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Transportation Logistics

Automate and optimise all aspects of the logistics chain by tracking and monitoring all vehicles, containers and dangerous goods within and between sites.

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Smart City ALPR

Detect, track and monitor vehicles, containers, and dangerous goods (ADR) within a city, providing valuable insights and data visualisation dashboards.

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