Axis Communications

Global Partnership

Since 2017, Axis and Vaxtor have forged a dynamic partnership. Their developers, product managers, and commercial teams work closely, driven by a shared vision to craft a product that rivals or surpasses specialized LPR cameras.

This collaboration has been a resounding success, with license sales doubling annually and independent tests confirming accuracy rates over 99%. Vaxtor’s recent elevation to one of Axis’s four Global strategic partners is a testament to this success.

Axis boasts the broadest range of cameras equipped to deploy Vaxtor’s cutting-edge technology. Any camera with the latest Axis processors (ARTPEC 6 and beyond) can instantly process various codes and numbers, including license and ADR plates, ISO container codes and aircraft numbers.

The extensive camera lineup is globally available and supported by robust distribution channels, partner programs, and exceptional support services. These offerings are bolstered by remarkable Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) statistics, allowing Axis to confidently offer a standard 5-year warranty on all products, with no registration required.

Vaxtor’s advanced OCR engine is fine-tuned for peak efficiency on Axis hardware, achieving recognition levels you’d expect from high-end processors like Intel. The software maximizes camera hardware and firmware, ensuring comprehensive support and functionality, including built-in I/O capabilities, messaging systems, and adherence to security and environmental standards.

For setup guidance, visit the Knowledge Base. To download Vaxtor apps for Axis cameras, head to the Partner Zone.

Features & benefits

  • Diverse Vaxtor Offerings

    Enjoy a suite of products including ALPR, ADR, container identification, and vehicle analytics like Make, Model & Color (MMC), classification, and more—with additional innovations on the horizon.

  • Top-Tier LPR Performance

    Vaxtor's enhancements aim to meet or outperform specialized LPR cameras.

  • Unmatched Reliability

    Thanks to stellar MTBF data and dedicated support, Axis confidently offers a 5-year warranty as a standard benefit.

  • Cost Efficiency

    Benefit from powerful processors, extended warranties, low power usage, and excellent MTBF figures.

  • Open Platform Flexibility

    Take advantage of supported APIs, universal standards, and the liberty to select from a variety of VMS, back-office, and third-party systems.

  • Future-Ready

    Axis ensures long-term service with a range of approvals, security updates, and premier integrations, all from a global leader in hardware.