Traffic and Tolling

The world has a problem with traffic growth with over 1 billion vehicles on the road.  As countries and cities struggle to control the daily congestion caused by this traffic and all that it brings with it, ALPR has become a vital tool in monitoring and controlling traffic flow. 

More roads and bridges are becoming privately managed and long queues at toll booths can be reduced using ALPR to identify a vehicle at over 50m away from a toll and cross check license plates and/or MMC (Make, Model and Color) against on-board RFID tags to prevent fraud.  

Utilising a single CCTV camera, Vaxtor software is able to recognise license plates, identify the class of vehicle (truck, bus, saloon car etc.), determine the Make, Model and Color or identify trucks carrying hazardous materials by their orange ADR plates.

The instantaneous speed of a vehicle can also be measured from a single camera thereby decreasing hardware and infrastructure investments whilst simultaneously reporting to multiple VMS back offices, JTMS (Journey Time Monitoring Systems) and Traffic/Tolling payment systems.

The collated Vaxtor data alongside overview camera images, pollution and other sensors can be visualised and presented into dashboards giving operators, managers and emergency services greater control and understanding of traffic patterns and their impact on a city.

Vaxtor Traffic and Tolling ALPR Solutions

Features & benefits

  • Congestion charge & Clean Air Zone monitoring

  • ADR dangerous goods identification

  • Record and identify vehicles at toll booths

  • Interface to leading JTMS systems

  • Identify speeding vehicles

  • Identify unauthorized bus / taxi lane usage

  • Highway traffic monitoring

  • Weighbridge vehicle recording

  • WIM (Weigh in motion) systems

Complete end-to-end solutions for major ALPR applications including:

Law Enforcement License Plate Recognition

Enabling police and other law enforcement and border agencies to track, monitor and record vehicles as they pass by fixed, mobile or covert cameras.

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Ensuring efficient management and control of car parks including staff and visitor entry, barrier control, capacity monitoring, length of stay and alerts on vehicles of interest.

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Traffic & Tolling

Providing vital tools to assist countries and cities to dynamically monitor, control and optimise traffic flow, maximising the efficient use of road networks.

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Security – ALPR Cameras

Enabling Security personnel to monitor and control all vehicles within and around a site, managing blacklists and alerting staff to any vehicles of interest.

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Access Control

Using ALPR provides reliable, time-stamped evidence to security, police and insurers while maintaining seamless access control opening barriers or controlling LED Signs.

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Transportation Logistics

Automate and optimise all aspects of the logistics chain by tracking and monitoring all vehicles, containers and dangerous goods within and between sites.

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Smart City ALPR

Detect, track and monitor vehicles, containers, and dangerous goods (ADR) within a city, providing valuable insights and data visualisation dashboards.

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