1 January 2021

Parking – Nationwide Project in Europe – EMEA

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A major European parking company wished to implement a staged rollout of LPR cameras across hundreds of sites around the country. For parking enforcement, accuracy is critical as it drives revenue and the projects often require a need to report to an existing, proprietary back-office.   

The Challenge

With hundreds of cameras to be deployed over several months, it was critical to have a flexible and scalable LPR solution which could operate successfully in a variety of demanding scenarios (e.g. camera placement limitations, poor lighting etc.) Furthermore, a regionally specific development was needed which resulted in the need for a rapid and dedicated software development, all this whilst continuing to test and deploy to the first batch of sites.

The Solution

With so many remote sites and a centralised existing back office, it was agreed that on-camera LPR sending meta data over GSM was the best solution (Camera SD cards buffer plate reads, “catching up” after a network failure). Having successfully installed a small batch of test sites, rapid incremental improvements by Vaxtor ensured that the customer received the required detail and format needed. GDPR was respected using Plate Blurring and Regions of Interest helped control data usage.

The Result

What appeared to be a simple, if large project, quickly became a time-critical technical challenge but great teamwork ensured a successful outcome.  A clear scope of work and an agreed quality process and project plan ensured that the roll-out continued without delays. Soon the customer will add Vaxtor’s Make/Model/Color to the solution, allowing Vehicles of Interest to be more quickly located visually by officers on the ground.