“Installation and commissioning were executed in record time meaning less interruption and inconvenience for both our staff and our shoppers”.

Senior Parking Consultant

“We know from experience that LPR with Arabic plates is not easy, so we were impressed with the accuracy of the Vaxtor software. Support and training were also great and this gave us the confidence to move forward with the other Vaxtor offers”.

MEA Client

“Our mission statement to go ‘Beyond Human Vision’ is the heart of a philosophy that recognizes that video surveillance is part of a wider potential with MOBOTIX as a foundational platform for innovative solutions to real world challenges in manufacturing, retail, healthcare, transportation and many other areas”.

Thomas Lausten, MOBOTIX CEO

“The safety of our students and staff is paramount here at the College and the ANPR system has provided us with a reliable and intelligent approach to our general site security concerns over undesirables driving onto the campus. The ANPR system also provides us with an easy to manage and administer vehicle access control solution. The system will help provide a safe and secure environment for all”.

Merrist Wood College – www.merristwood.ac.uk

CEO Ed Butler comments: “As a high security site we required a system that was secure and reliable 24/7, the ANPR system is proving just that with the user interface surprisingly easy to use.”

Amito Data Centres www.amito.com

“ANPR is notoriously temperamental (I have prior experience at my previous company) and the Vaxtor system seems to be behaving extraordinarily well in comparison to that one”.

National Oceanography Centre