Vaxtor USDOT solutions

USDOT Recognition Software in real-time on PC and embedded on Camera. 

The USDOT number serves as a unique identifier when collecting and monitoring a company’s safety information acquired during audits, compliance reviews, crash investigations and inspections.  USDOT numbers are usually found on the sides or doors of US trucks and can be written in a variety of fonts, sizes and colours.  

VaxOCR USDOT recognises in real-time and reports the USDOT number along with other metadata such as time, date, GPS position, confidence etc. to aid tracking and identification of all vehicles registered with the FMCSA.

Comprehensive reporting to a back office or third-party applications via TCP/IP, HTTP-POST-XML, HTTP-POST-JSON, and major VMS products such as Milestone and Genetec ensure that powerful, automated system can be rapidly built to decrease overheads, improve efficiencies and ensure compliance.

Features & Benefits

  • High Accuracy:

    Recognition rate to above 98%

  • High Speed Operation:

    Up to 50kph.

  • Multi-mode Operation:

    + Triggered mode: used in parking or scenarios (click and process)<br /> + Free-Flow mode: continuous mode – all DOTS read & reported in real time.

  • Complex Scenario Support:

    Multiple regions of interest including polygons, inclusions, exclusions and direction.

  • Huge device Support:

    Direct on Axis Camera or PC platform for standard video protocols.

  • On-board Databases:

    100,000 reads can be cached on-board the on-camera version.

Results in real time

Camera includes:

  • Embedded and standard camera options
  • Free-flow and triggered modes
  • On device Database support

Data reported includes:

  • USDOT Number, date & time, etc.
  • State/Region
  • Region of Interest ID, etc.
  • Full and Sub-image of the USDOT (USDOT patch)
  • Patch position in the original image

Reporting options:

  • Helix/Vaxtor protocol
  • Milestone / Genetec Analytics Events
  • VAPIX / ONVIF protocol
  • XML or JSON object through HTTP/HTTPS POST
  • And many others…

Global leading software enabling

Accuracy 0%’
Speed 0kph
Up to 0 simultaneously connected cameras
Over 0% efficiency increased

VaxOCR USDOT applications include:

Site Security, Compliance Auditing, Process Automation

Traffic & Tolling

Providing vital tools to assist countries and cities to dynamically monitor, control and optimise traffic flow, maximising the efficient use of road networks.

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Transportation Logistics

Automate and optimise all aspects of the logistics chain by tracking and monitoring all vehicles, containers and dangerous goods within and between sites.

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Access Control

Using ALPR provides reliable, time-stamped evidence to security, police and insurers while maintaining seamless access control opening barriers or controlling LED Signs.

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Security – ALPR Cameras

Enabling Security personnel to monitor and control all vehicles within and around a site, managing blacklists and alerting staff to any vehicles of interest.

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