11 January 2024

Vivotek – Vaxtor Partnership Announcement

Vaxtor Technologies and VIVOTEK Announce Strategic Partnership to Enhance License Plate Recognition Technology

Singapore, 01/11/2024 – In a significant advancement for the surveillance and security industry, Vaxtor Technologies and VIVOTEK, the global leading IP surveillance solution provider, are proud to announce their strategic partnership. This Vaxtor VIVOTEK LPR Integration unites Vaxtor’s expertise in license plate recognition software with VIVOTEK’s leadership in surveillance technology, particularly highlighting the integration in the latest LPR camera series.

Spotlight on VIVOTEK’s latest LPR camera: IB9387-LPR-v2

The IB9387-LPR-v2 stands at the forefront of this partnership. It integrates Vaxtor’s advanced license plate recognition technology with VIVOTEK’s high-performance surveillance cameras, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency in license plate recognition for applications like access control, toll systems, and traffic management.

Collaborating with Vaxtor Technologies enables us to significantly enhance our camera capabilities and complete the ALPR solution. The integration of Vaxtor ALPR technology into our IB9387-LPR-v2 model is just the beginning of a new era in advanced surveillance solutions. We look forward to more collaboration in the future.

Louis Liao, Director of Product Planning at VIVOTEK

Our partnership with VIVOTEK is a milestone in our journey to provide top-tier LPR solutions. The IB9387-LPR-v2 is a testament to what we can achieve together in revolutionizing surveillance technology.

Juan Vercher, CEO of Vaxtor Technologies

Future Integration Possibilities

Through collaboration between both parties, this new solution can capture vehicle attributes, including manufacturer, model, color, and classifications, and more. It can be utilized for anti-spoofing purposes, preventing users from using fake license plates to access, significantly enhancing detection efficiency.

While the IB9387-LPR-v2 is the current highlight, both companies are exploring further integration of VaxALPR technology into other VIVOTEK camera models, broadening the scope of innovative surveillance solutions.

Commitment to Continuous Innovation

This partnership reflects the shared commitment of Vaxtor Technologies and VIVOTEK to innovation and customer satisfaction. Both companies are dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions that address the evolving needs of the surveillance and security markets.


VIVOTEK Inc., established in 2000 in Taiwan, has become the global leading IP surveillance solution provider . The company offers comprehensive IP surveillance solutions, including network cameras, video servers, video management software, and cloud service solutions.

Contact Information

For more information about VIVOTEK’s latest LPR camera series and future integrations, please contact the respective sales teams at Vaxtor Technologies and VIVOTEK.