25 January 2021

With MMC MMR Recognition, Businesses Can Recognize Vehicle Makes, Model, And Color In Real Time.

VaxALPR is pleased to launch MMC 2.0, which is a real time vehicle Make, Model and Color analzser that works in conjunction with Vaxtor’s world-renowned ALPR software.  It runs in real-time on-board compatible cameras or on Windows-based PC systems as part of the VaxALPR software suite.

Vehicles can be travelling in either direction, at high speed and at various angles and the licence plate – along with the vehicle make, model and color – is read and reported in real time. The resulting data can be stored locally on the camera or on a local PC and also transmitted in real time in a variety of industry standard formats.  Data can include metadata such as date, time, vehicle direction and recorded GPS position in addition to any associated images of the vehicle and driver.

New updates to the current database of 680 vehicle makes and associated 7250 models are available quarterly to download to ensure accuracy around the world is maintained.