31 January 2024

Vaxtor Enhances i-PRO Integration with VaxGENESIS and VaxCONTAINER

Revolutionizing Surveillance: The Vaxtor i-PRO Integration

In a groundbreaking development, the Vaxtor i-PRO VaxGENESIS VaxCONTAINER Integration marks a new era in surveillance technology. Vaxtor has expanded its collaboration with i-PRO, integrating two innovative products, VaxGENESIS and VaxCONTAINER. These enhancements significantly boost the capabilities of i-PRO’s AI-enabled cameras.

This integration not only strengthens the capabilities of i-PRO’s AI-enabled cameras but also ensures compatibility with both Video Insight and Active Guard, the latest Video Management System (VMS) from i-PRO.

Innovative OCR Technology: VaxGENESIS

VaxGENESIS introduces an innovative approach to OCR technology. It excels in reading a wide array of characters and numbers under various conditions. This versatility makes it ideal for applications such as security checks and asset management.

Advancing Logistics: VaxCONTAINER

VaxCONTAINER, , tailored for the logistics sector, offers precise ISO 6346 shipping container code recognition. This technology enhances operational efficiency in ports and transit areas. It is a major step forward in revolutionizing container code recognition in logistics.

Setting New Standards in Surveillance

This Vaxtor i-PRO VaxGENESIS VaxCONTAINER Integration not only showcases Vaxtor’s commitment to innovation but also sets new benchmarks in AI-powered surveillance solutions. The integration provides unparalleled character and number recognition, ideal for various settings. Additionally, VaxCONTAINER’s advanced technology improves efficiency in ports and transit areas globally.

Enhancing Security and Operational Efficiency

The integration of these technologies with i-PRO’s cameras, including compatibility with both Active Guard and Video Insight VMS, represents a significant leap in surveillance technology. Users gain a comprehensive toolset, ensuring high accuracy and efficiency in applications ranging from city surveillance to intelligent transportation systems.

A Testament to Innovation and Customer Focus

This strategic expansion reflects Vaxtor’s dedication to delivering customer-centric and innovative solutions. Industry experts have applauded this development, anticipating transformative impacts across various sectors.

Leading the Way in Surveillance Technology

With the integration of VaxGENESIS, VaxCONTAINER, and VaxALPR with i-PRO’s AI cameras and VMS platforms, Vaxtor and i-PRO are redefining surveillance technology capabilities. This collaboration is at the forefront of technological advancement in the industry.

For more detailed information on this collaboration and the advanced solutions offered, please visit Vaxtor’s official website.