14 May 2024

Vaxtor Technologies Announces Groundbreaking Partnership with National Persistent Evader Database

Madrid, 14/05/2024 – Vaxtor Technologies is delighted to announce its official approval as the Official Supplier of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) technology to the National Persistent Evader Database (NPED), under registration number 0012. This marks a significant milestone in the deployment of advanced recognition technologies in the UK’s transport and public safety sectors.

NPED Services Ltd, which operates the UK’s only centralised database of offending vehicle behaviour data across the parking sector, has partnered with Vaxtor to utilise its state-of-the-art ANPR and MMC (Make Model Colour recognition) technology. This collaboration aims to drastically enhance the efficiency and accuracy of identifying and managing high-risk and persistent vehicle offenders.

Key Role in Project Spotlight and Legislative Initiatives

As part of the partnership, Vaxtor will play a pivotal role in ongoing nuisance vehicle research under Project Spotlight. This project is part of NPED’s broader initiative to push for new legislation aimed at improving vehicle compliance and reducing nuisances on public roads.

    “NPED brings the parking sector together to establish the true scale of the nuisance vehicle issue in the country. Vaxtor Technologies will be supporting that drive towards the truth and how we take back control of our vehicle community. Welcome to the movement!”

    Alan Wood, FBPA, CEO of NPED

    Transforming Public Space Management

    The integration of Vaxtor’s technologies into NPED’s framework is expected to transform public space management and contribute to safer community roads. This collaboration supports local and national road policing by providing robust tools that help minimise antisocial behaviour and improve operational efficiencies.

    Future Engagements and Learning Opportunities

    Interested parties can join Alan Wood and Steve Clift at upcoming events such as Parkex and Traffex 2024 for further insights into this transformative partnership.

    Vaxtor Technologies remains committed to driving innovation in vehicle data management and enforcement, continuing its mission to enhance public safety and efficiency through cutting-edge technological solutions.