20 December 2020

Law Enforcement – Singapore Police Fast Response – Asia

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The Singapore police are rolling out about 300 new police cars with on-board license plate recognition. These purpose-built Hyundai Tucson sports utility vehicles (SUVs) are designed for use in the Ground Response Force, Neighbourhood police & Operations. The new cars are expected to replace the current fleet of saloon patrol cars by 2024.

The Challenge

The police were looking for a system that could read license plates from a fast moving vehicle that could check these against in-vehicle databases in real time. In addition the local databases needed to be regularly synchronised with a master force-wide database.

The Solution

It takes only seconds for officers to detect vehicles of interest while driving the new fast-response car with the help of the new in-built Vaxtor automated license plate recognition system.

The system can detect both the make (brand) and model of the vehicle in question and match the license plate number collected by Vaxtor to the police database to check for any vehicles of interest.

Vaxtor’s ALPR software works with the IP camera installed on the car automatically detecting vehicle license plates on the move, any sniffing out wanted vehicles and determining their make, model and colour.

The car’s external cameras can livestream 360-degree, high-resolution footage of the surroundings to the police operations command centre.

The car’s Vaxtor number plate recognition software automates a job that usually involves officers keeping their eyes peeled for wanted cars, such as stolen vehicles. The application software is hooked up to a police database and highlights wanted plate numbers in red on a dashboard screen. Police say that this ensures officers do not have to divert their attention from ongoing tasks.

A senior police officer said the next-generation fast-response car is a “key investment that will further improve the operational effectiveness and safety of our ground officers”.

The Result

The video below shows the finished vehicle.

First look at the Singapore Police Force’s new fast response car

The Singapore Police Force has unveiled a new fast response car complete with number plate recognition technology and a more secure cabin for suspects. These new cars are expected to replace the current fleet of saloon patrol cars by 2024.

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